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the problem

You'd love to work at Company X. If only you knew someone at Company X, your job search would be easy: you'd ask your buddy to give you the inside scoop about getting hired there. Maybe he'd even be able to give you a personal referral or introduce you to his boss. But you don't know anyone at Company X. And that's a shame because SOMEWHERE out there, there’s SOMEBODY who works at Company X... or KNOWS somebody that works there. If only you could talk to them and get their inside scoop...

the premise

Every job-seeker has a job referral up their sleeve. Think about it: somebody out there would love to find out how to get hired at your current (or previous) job. It might not be worth much to you anymore, but the inside word on how to get hired at your former employer would be GOLDEN information for someone else. Somewhere there's a job seeker who would love to get that inside scoop from you. And why stop there? Think about everyone you know: your boyfriend, your best friend, your cousin, your Pilates coach… they all have jobs. Anyone you know who has a job is a potential referral you could share with someone else. When you think about it like that, you know DOZENS of job referrals.

the solution

WhoToTalkTo is the first job referral exchange. We bring job seekers together so everyone can share and exchange the inside scoop. All you have to do is contribute a referral you know of, and then you get to search the referrals posted by everybody else. Post one referral, and in return, you just might find one that helps you get your foot in the door at Company X. You can find out who’s doing the hiring, what they’re looking for, and how you can contact them directly. You'll skip the job search and find out WhoToTalkTo.