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Here's how WhoToTalkTo can work for you...

When you join our site, we ask you to contribute at least one job referral to gain access to our network. Remember, we're a job referral exchange, so every member must contribute something for the exchange to work. The good news is, the more you contribute, the more you get from the network! So, let's say you have an uncle who owns a bar in Toledo and you know he's always looking for new bartenders. So, you post this as your job referral...
You'll notice you didn't actually give your uncle's name or contact info. You save this information for later.

Now that you've contributed a job referral, you're in. You can always add more job referrals (and you'll want to... we'll explain why in a minute). First order of business, you want to try a search of our job referrals.

You're looking for a pharmaceutical sales job in the San Diego area. You sift through dozens of interesting referrals, but one really catches your eye: "My husband works at the new Pfizer campus. He's a chemist, but he can give you a referral to just about any division, especially sales, marketing, HR and administration. Tell me what division you're interested in and he can get you on the inside track with Pfizer's internal employee referral program. Will give you my husband's personal email address." This sounds perfect! You'd love to get a sales job with Pfizer!

You notice one important thing... the job costs you "one point." Whototalkto is a one-to-one job referral exchange. Every time you share a job lead with another user, you get one point from them. You can then use that point to "pay for" any job referrals you want to learn more about.

Fortunately, your whototalkto inbox already has two requests for more information about your uncle's bartending job referral.
You read the requests and agree that both seem qualified, so you write back (anonymously) and share your Uncle's contact info. Each of the users had to "pay" you one point for this information. So now you have three points!

With three points you can now request up to three seperate job referrals. You quickly spend one of these points to request more information about the Pfizer job referral.

Notice you didn't have to identify yourself. Whototalkto is completely anonymous. You only share information when you decide to exchange a job referral.

In a matter of hours, you hear back from the Pfizer woman. She gives you her husband's email address and you are free to contact him on your own about getting into the Pfizer program.

That's basically how it works. Whototalkto is about job seekers helping other job seekers. You can post up to 5 job referrals at a time, and can share each job referral multiple times. Every time you actually share the referral information with another user, you receive another point from that user. Thus, it benefits you to share as many job referrals as you are comfortable with. If someone contacts you and you don't think they're qualified, no problem! You can always decline to share a job referral.

Remember, the more you contribute to whototalkto, the more you can get from the network! Sign up today!