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Imagine three people are looking for a job...


Kate is looking for a job in accounting. But Kate knows that her uncle owns a car dealership in California. Her uncle is always looking for new sales associates and managers to hire.


Richard has been working in automotive sales for 15 years. He needs a new job because he's moving to California with his wife who just got a job at a hot new internet startup. He knows his wife's new company needs to hire tons of software programmers.



Doug is sick of his job being a programmer/web master for a boring old Fortune 500 insurance company. He dreams of stock options and would love to join a hot new internet company. He knows that his insurance company is always in need of new accountants.

Each user that signs up on whototalkto has to share at least one job referral. They trade this job referral to other users in exchange for points. Every point earned can be spent to buy job referrals from others. Whototalkto is a job referral exchange. So as you can see below, our three job seekers were able to purchase job referrals they were interested in...